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Being a single father and custodial parent of a 15-year old girl at the time, I was familiar somewhat because I was responsible for purchasing her sanitary napkins every month. But when my friend, also a father, acclimated me to what and why my little girl goes through her issues potentially as a result of the store brands that we thought were safe, I was taken aback, mortified, and shocked at what I had just learned. To think that my ignorance was contributing to her discomfort and the issues she was enduring, I made a decision to advocate for better health for her and other girls and women alike. And thus, the women's menstrual health initiative, Far Above Rubies Global, was born. I have partnered with the Justice for My Jewel Campaign as well as World Menstrual Hygiene Day to help open the dialogue about equality, dignity, and transparency regarding menstruation for all females worldwide. My team and I conduct Focus Groups, Panel Discussions, and Community Awareness events around the country with a focus on reaching the world. My name is Clarence Thomas III, I’m a father, a son, a Pastor, an uncle, a brother, and a friend to many.

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Joseph & Renee Smith are the founder and co-founder of We Love Period (WLP) based out of the suburbs of Atlanta. Parents of a twenty-year-old daughter who is a college sophomore majoring in chemistry and honor student, along with a fourteen-year-old son who is also an honor student and will be a freshman in high school in the fall of 2020. WLP's vision is to educate, impact, empower 1,000,000 females in the southeast on how to experience a wholesome menstruation cycle.

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