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Far Above Rubies Jewel Protectors Progra

...The Beginning

The Jewel Protectors Program began as an effort to give support through donations of Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins by Jewel to homeless shelters to provide aid to the homeless women that they are assisting.  The "Donation Drives" take many forms including the "Reign Pads Donation Drive", the"Fight Against Period Poverty Drive", and the "We Protect Our Jewels: Drive to 5K" which runs concurrently with the Justice For My Jewel 5K Run/Walks around the country.  Any person or organization/ business that makes a donation is acknowledged as a "Jewel Protector" for helping us in our assault against 'Period Poverty' through their willingness to donate and help us provide Reign Pads to these underprivileged girls and women.
It has since evolved into a way of also acknowledging businesses & companies that desire to protect their own "Jewels".  The women that work for them providing daily service to the company and their customers alike.  The women who add to the success, brand loyalty, and profitability of their company.
At PAD BOYS FOR LIFE, we realize that many of the women in the workforce have abounding issues and loads of discomfort when their monthly cycles begin.  These issues include irritability, 
and excruciating pain with many women prone to excessive visits to the bathroom while on the clock.  Others may even have arrangements to be at home and are confined to be bed-ridden for one or more days until the pain has minimized to a bearable level.
Research has shown that the vast majority of products available for menstrual management, including tampons and sanitary napkins (pads) are toxic, synthetic, cheaply constructed, and contribute to their discomfort.  We offer our premium brand "Reign" to be your choice of sanitary product made available on-site at your place(s) of business to provide unrivaled comfort for your ladies when they're on the clock.

...The Evolution

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Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins

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Jewel Protector Lapel Pin white diamond.
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Jewel Protector Lapel Pin black diamond.

...Become a Jewel Protector

We have countless testimonies of women experiencing shorter cycles, inflammation and bloating going away, the decrease in irritability and mood swings, and the minimization or even elimination of cramping pain.  These testimonies fuel our determination to educate and share Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins by Jewel as the choice for managing our women's menstrual flow in a better and drastically more comfortable manner.
We invite you to schedule an appointment with us to come to your workplace so that you can see a 'live demonstration' of the effectiveness of the Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins.  Providing "Reign" at your workplace will serve to show the women in your company that they are valued, that you hear their cry, and that YOU want to protect them and help them to "Reign" over the usual discomforts associated with their cycle.  Why, because every woman deserves to be dry and comfortable during their flow.
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